Video: MS Fundamental Operations Course Launch

Meraki Employee

We've launched all seven modules in the MS Fundamental Operations course! Learn about monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting your MS switches through real-world scenarios and labs. Check out this video to find out more.



Enroll in MS Fundamental Operations for free and immediately access all seven modules of content. 

  • Module 1: Monitoring Switches at the Network-Level (40 min)
  • Module 2: Monitoring Switches at the Device-Level (15 min)
  • Module 3: Troubleshooting Switch Endpoint Connectivity (35 min)
  • Module 4: Troubleshooting Switch Network Reachability (40 min)
  • Module 5: Troubleshooting Switching Loops (25 min)
  • Module 6: Locating and Removing Rogue DHCP Servers (20 min)
  • Module 7: Maintaining Meraki Switch Networks (25 min)