Introducing myself


Introducing myself

Hello, this is Miguel from Dominican Republic,


I work as an IT Specialist where I implement solutions from different vendors and platforms. Our ends customers are mainly private companies and some government institutions.


So far I have only implemented MXs in the customer networks and I can say that fell in love with the Dashboard and the simplicity of Meraki.


I am expecting to grow with the community and become a support for all those newbies. It's my desire to push Meraki farther and I believe the community plays a key role in that.


A fun fact (for me): I really enjoy making friends around the world, so I can feel like I am living in the their countries! 

Kind of a big deal

Hey @miguelsegura25, welcome to the community. I agree with you about Meraki and the Dashboard, its a unique platform. Hope you learn some things from the people in here and enjoy Meraki! 

@Bruce thank you for your reply!

Head in the Cloud

@miguelsegura25 Welcome to the community! It is one of the best and you wont be let down by any of the superstar Meraki community members! You'll make plenty of friends from around the world here!

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