Introducing Sel


Introducing Sel

Hi All

Anil Arora here from Raymond India, one of the Leading Manufacturing and Retailer group. Few months back we had deployed Cisco Meraki AP, Switches and was really amazed how breeze it is to deploy the devices through Cloud Managed Network. Setting Up a Guest wifi Network which worked seamlessly within the networks was just so coool...


We have a remote manufacturing location and we wanted to setup Guest Wifi for some senior directors visitng over the next weekend. I am confident with the cloud managed network i should be able to setup the same.


Will definitely share my experience after 1st Nov 2022.


Anil Arora Signing Off for now




Kind of a big deal

@Raymondindia  Welcome and good luck with your project!

Thanks Blake, need this very much at the moment, any tips will help me. 

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