I'm Nash!

Kind of a big deal

I'm Nash!

Might as well start off the way I do in real life.


I work at a generalist IT company in Missouri, in the VAR/MSP chunk. We have been Cisco/Meraki partners for a while, and we focus heavily on Meraki for our MSP clients. 


I was ready to be a CLI jockey for my entire career, then I got introduced to the Meraki Dashboard API. Right now, I function as the Meraki SME at the office, script everything I can for both Meraki and Cisco (using netmiko mostly) equipment, and write a lot of documentation. My current goal is to apply best practices to as many clients as I can, while doing as little manual work as possible.


Experience-wise, I've been working with Meraki equipment as long as I've worked in IT So 3 years now. I've been automating Meraki with Python for about 18 months. Python is my sixth? seventh? programming language, so that helped.


I was actually on the Meraki podcast back in September, talking about the API, with the world's worst allergies. I mentioned a script I was working on, to check Meraki equipment for static vs. dhcp addresses... Then I wrote it.


Fun fact: I crocheted wire sharks? It is bad on your hands. I also enjoy singing punk songs like they're arias, which my partner does not enjoy, and I've spent too much time lately playing Oxygen Not Included.

Community Manager

(This is the podcast episode in case anyone is curious!)

Meredith W | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki

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Kind of a big deal

Don't record podcasts when you're trying to not start hacking every other word, oh my gosh. I dearly hope Simon didn't spend ages editing out my "subtle" grabs for my water bottle or shaky body, haha!

Kind of a big deal

I loved the wire shark @Nash !

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