Hi there, hello from Egypt

Here to help

Hi there, hello from Egypt

==> A bit about yourself & your work : 


 - My name is Ahmed A.Baky , i 'm 28 years old ,  I'm Cisco Pre-Sales Engineer at Metra Computer LLC 

• Work with a sales team to identify, gather requirements for solutions, and draft proposals.
• Provide pre-sales support to Account Executives, and Service Executives.
• Design solutions and plan implementations with the sales team and customer.
• Translate business needs into technology specifications.
• Serve as a technical authority for networking and related technologies.
• Configure hardware and software in support of solution deployments.
• Provide technical mentoring and development to other team members.
• Stay current with new technologies and innovations and recommend adoption of new technologies.
• Maintain certifications relevant to job role and as required by Cisco partnership requirements.
• Perform technical presentations, scope(s) of work, Bill(s) of Material for customers, partners and prospects.
• Assist with the development of formal sales plans and proposals for assigned opportunities.
• Analyze needs of the Sales team and create supporting documentation, or tools, to better equip the team in the sales.
• Design solutions that include redundant connectivity in a complex networking infrastructures.
• Ability to research product specifications and make section based on stated goals.


==> What you're hoping to gain from the community? 


 - i have learned something ...No matter how much someone reaches his knowledge ( in no way have we been brought of knowledge except a little)...


==> A fun fact about yourself 


 - i have a farm and i raise animals ( Cows , sheep , chickens, dogs )  




Kind of a big deal

Hello @AhmedElsayyed  I would love to go to Egypt and visit. It is on my list and you must be so lucky to live in such a historical place. Welcome to the community.

Wlc @kYutobi  When you intend to visit Egypt connect with me before u come . i will host u and We will visit all places 🙂 

Egypt, I was there in 2018 and 2014! Beautiful country with a very interesting history.


Welcome to the community!

Thx, My dear 🙂 

New here

Salam Ailakum!

Ahmed, I'm hoping you have a miracle for me.

I am from Canada, living in Cairo for a couple months.   The boss told the whole team to work from home.  I picked a new home.  

The problem is, that I need to connect through VPN to my company.  It seems that the protocols here in Egypt are blocking me.  (We use Cisco Meraki, and I've connected from a few different countries).  A friend of mine uses AnyConnect, and he can connect his VPN.  It doesn't seem like I can download AnyConnect directly from the website.  Is it hopeless?  Do you have a miracle for me?




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@HKillam I believe you need a business ISP connection.  We use another vendors equivalent of Meraki's autoVPN connecting Egypt to the UK and in general it works well.

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