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Hi All ! Glad to be here !

New here

Hi All ! Glad to be here !

Hi I am Bernard Lim and am in Business Development. My personal's mission is to enable enterprise business with their digital transformation journey to simplify, automate, secure and create intelligent systems so that business can stay ahead of the competition.

With 20 years in global IT/Telecom industry, Bernard Lim has gained unparallel professional experience in Business Development, Network Architect, Bid Management, Commercial Management, and Engineering which forms a holistic end to end IT/Telecom service life cycle experience.

As a seasoned IT/Telecom professional, he is passionate about advancing business transformation using
- Data and Voice Network Transformation ie SDWAN, MPLS, Submarine cables, etc
- Wireless and Mobility solutions - WiFi 6
- Cloud technology ie Microsoft 365, AWS, Cloud Computing, etc
- Collaboration solutions ie Microsoft O365, Unified Communications
- Security services ie managed DDOS, Managed Security, Incident Response
- Machine Learning (AI)
- Bespoke Application development
- Digital Marketing strategies


I am also certified CCNP, CCDA and CCDP but some years ago and keen to be in the discussion for new generation solutions.



Head in the Cloud

Re: Hi All ! Glad to be here !

Welcome Bernard. Sounds like you have a lot of interests and experience there. So far as simplify, automate and secure go you’ve found the right product in Meraki - just add your favourite scripting language to the Meraki APIs and off you go. There’s a bunch of great people in here who can help point you the right way if you get stuck.