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Hello everyone!

  1. A bit about yourself & your work
    1. SE in Telecommunications helping clients make impactful changes to their networks.
  2. Your experience with Cisco Meraki
    1. Cisco Meraki was my first dip into SDWAN and cloud orchestration. Thoroughly enjoying the developments in the SDWAN space.
  3. What you're hoping to gain from the community
    1. Looking to gain some insight on best practices, community feedback on products, and get help with projects.
  4. A fun fact about yourself
    1. I love to play trivia, but I'm actually really bad at remembering things.
A model citizen

Welcome @Jason-B  to the community!!! What Meraki projects are you currently working on?

Dakota Snow | Network-dad Linkdedin
Check out The Bearded I.T. Dad onThe Bearded I.T. DadThe Bearded I.T. Dad

Hey @Network-dad, thank you! Mostly involved with presenting SDWAN solutions and store wifi. Trying to familiarize myself with wifi more and more since I feel it's my weak point. Community posts have helped me a ton with my MR decisions. 

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