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My name is Eli, I have worked with computers ever since I saw the home Compaq Pentium III desktop with its side off while my parents were dusting it. I remember believing computers were this big, technical, hard-to-understand, complex machine, and yet seeing the inside of one for the first time seemed like it was so simple. Roughly 20 years later I still haven't found the bottom of the rabbit hole. 


I discovered Cisco Meraki after the acquisition with Cisco. Some of the clients of the MSP I worked service desk for had Cisco Meraki access points. Those seemed to be the most popular device to deploy by themselves for a while. After inquiring with my manager about them because I'd never heard the name I can remember him saying the company liked them because once they are mounted and configured we don't have to touch them again. Said another way "they just work". Like others, we got bit by the disruptive Ubiquiti bug and shifted a lot of business over to them, I hope like others we have come back to Meraki to stay. We have done several large deployments (double to triple-digit access points) and the saying still holds true, once they are mounted and configured we don't have to touch them again. 


I try to stick around like-minded communities I'm involved in. I appreciate the way the Cisco Meraki community fosters a helpful mindset as though we are all out to accomplish the same goal. Making IT easier to use for everyone and giving not only the end-user but the IT department an experience working with the hardware.  


I deployed an MX64 and an MR33 for home and I love it. I am running my network and computers at home like a corporate environment. VPN for when we're away, RADIUS for authentication, different SSID's with VLANs for different devices, etc. Planning to get an 8-port switch and perhaps some other hardware after the holidays are over. 

Kind of a big deal

@McCombsIT : Welcome to the community Eli !

Cisco IT Blogs awarded in 2020 & 2021

Thanks Inderdeep! I'm glad to have found the community and am ready to celebrate and grow with everyone. 

Head in the Cloud

@McCombsIT  Welcome to the community! It is one of the best and you wont be let down by any of the superstar Meraki community members! 

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