Hello folks!


Hello folks!

Hi there!

I'm a Sales Engineer with experience and interests in IP networking, SD-WAN, Cloud and Cybersecurity. Have worked mostly in telcos and ICT companies. I do not have much experience in Meraki but spent two years mastering a rival SD-WAN vendor & fell in love with SD-WAN. i'm really looking forward to mastering all things Meraki with the help of this community. When I'm not selling ICT stuff, I spend my time training and mentoring students or writing random pieces about life in general. 😊

Kind of a big deal

Welcome to the community @LibertyM01. If you want to master Meraki you've come to the right place. There's some great people here, with some great knowledge and experience. And you'll soon discover why the Meraki solution is so awesome (and some of the elements that are still being made awesome)  😀

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