Hello Everyone!

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Hello Everyone!

Hi Meraki Community!


My name is Allen and I've been working with Cisco Meraki equipment for a little over 4 years. I started getting to know Meraki with my previous employer as a member of their IT Support team and now, I'm diving deep into everything Meraki as a System Admin Lead. 


I started my experience with Cisco Meraki as an IT Support team member at a financial institution. My interactions with Meraki products started in troubleshooting and grew to some configuration before I switched jobs in November. Now I own all troubleshooting, configuration and monitoring on our Meraki devices and networks.


I've been using the community for troubleshooting but I hope to gain perspective and input from other community members on configurations as well.


A fun fact is that I do enjoy disconnecting from technology every once in a while and take that opportunity to mountain bike or play hockey.


Thanks Meraki Community!

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Welcome to the community Allen!! We're here to help so feel free to post away!

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@Mr_IT_Guy Thank you very much!

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Welcome Allen, Glad to have you hear.

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@Network-dad Thank you! Glad to be here!

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Welcome to the community Allen! I hope all of that training in your previous job comes in handy! The community input here is awesome. Almost as awesome as the Red Wings 🙂


Thanks @KRobert! There was a sys admin/network admin that taught me a ton at my previous job and I am very grateful for that! I already know the community input is much better than the Red Wings! Although, that isn't too hard to make that comparison with this season's results 😉

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