Greetings from Germany


Greetings from Germany

Hi there,


My name is Manuel, I study computer science and work at Bechtle as a Network and Security Engineer.


I am new to Meraki, the CMNA got recommended to me by a friend with CCIE inside Bechtle.

Besides Cisco I deploy a lot of UniFi Products as Freelancer.


I am hoping to find interesting stories, contacts and best practices.


In my free time youll find me either climbing or in the local makerspace.

A model citizen

Welcome Manuel to the community!! The CMNA is great but if you want to learn more the what makes Meraki work ide take the ECMS1 & 2 classes... Tons of valuable information.

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Herzlich willkommen Manuel! 🙂


Ubiquity ist ganz cool, aber im Vergleich zu Meraki hinken einige Sachen doch noch ganz massiv. Umso besser, die Vorteile und Nachteile der Lösungen kennenzulernen. 👍

Hi Cptn,

yes Unifi is lacking in a lot of places (and I dont understand why they dont focus on their core business, but thats another rant). Its also 1/10th of the price with no licencing Fees. Customers that I place with UniFi would never consider Meraki (or Cisco) and have no need for the features.
Knowing the Solutions and placing our customers with one that fits their needs and wallet is the foundation of our job, isnt it?

Hi there,

thanks for the recommendation, our Trainers at CMNA also recommended the ECMS courses.

I am still finishing my CCNA after thats done ill take a look at the ECMS courses.

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