WAN Health Alterting

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WAN Health Alterting



Has anyone found somewhere in the dashboard to create alerts for WAN Health? I see it is possible for web app health.





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Kind of a big deal

Alert Settings -> The primary uplink status changes


You mean this?

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

It's not possible to do this, in the same way as the new alerting for Web app health (configured within MI).   Uplink status change within Network-wide > Configure > Alerts is still the best tool in Dashboard itself.
What I'd really recommend though, if you're looking for more granularity than simply Up/Down - and/or you're interested in WAN2 (and who isn't?)  is looking at this fairly recent additional API call:   'Return the uplink loss and latency for every MX in the organization from 2 - 7 minutes ago'

Details are available under the Organizations heading within Help > API docs in Dashboard.

Dear Diary,

One day, I hope that the dashboard email alert system will also have alerts for not just WAN1, but also WAN2.

I have a dream that all WAN ports will be treated equally. 😃
Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com
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It would just be nice if the dashboard sent a simple email saying hey WAN2 or WAN1 has XX packet loss.

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