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Hi is there a published list of the applications Insight can provide viability into? Does Insight c only looks at Web based –HTTP/S based flows?



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Kind of a big deal

I don't know of a list... Not outside of the Insight configuration page...


Yes, it's only HTTP and HTTPS.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I was going to do some screenshots for you - but there are two any.  Currently 200 web applications show up as being supported.


You can only add http and https apps.  It is primary designed to support web apps, but then it also lists things like Skype, so ...



I haven't been able to find any info for you through searching either sorry. Contact support or if insight is something your looking at jump in on a webinar. 

Hello All,


I am looking about verify a custom application to insert in " Web Health " based specific for MS Teams.


We already had Office 365 application, but in this case I would like to show MS Teams specifically.


Then, if apply custom application we have only URL name to insert on the field and looks like cannot use mask ( like * ). Is there any another idea to insert more URL for this custom application or is there any another way to verify only MS Teams?

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