Where to start - Help!


Where to start - Help!



30+ people head count, I am a sole IT guy, starting the job the company had an MSP and a strong grip on everything.


Slowly I've been taking these items I can manage away from them, reducing and saving company dollars.. I am still reliant on some services, which I'm happy to continue and change the IT model to consulting for my needs..


Our current setup:


100MB VPN to Cloud Provider, who provide 4 servers (These now redundant, I've moved to intune and Azure AD, awaiting contract to finish)

50MB from CloudProvider to Internet.

Cloud provider is our ISP and hosts our Telephone Services (I cry when I see the premium prices, being billed)


MSP's Kit that's installed is:

Cisco 1921

Brocade 6910

2x ubiquiti AP's


Scenario, we are moving buildings:

I've been given a budget and going ahead with Meraki MX67, MR-33 and MS-210 kit.. Great Start...


Found a much better ISP (Cheaper and faster) and about to proceed with them.. 500mb/500mb

Need to have our voice service (Using Mitel) traffic go back to the Cloud provider. 

Internet Traffic go out from the MX?



Trying to pry out information, from MSP helpdesk they said if I could get a ipsec vpn back to the cloud phone provider? Does Meraki support this?


Would this work for us?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Meraki MX is not strong at site to site VPN - but it should work.  Here is the setup guide.



You could also conisder getting the provider to move the circuit and their router to the new office, and only use the circuit for VoIP.  You would add a route on your MX pointing to the VoIP providers router for their IP addresses.


Alternatively you could consider changing your VoIP provider to one that has phones that can run directly over the Internet, which makes life so much easier.  That is what we do.

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