Network Topology - MR and MX


Network Topology - MR and MX

Hi All. 

In our company, we have MX84 per location and the mix of MR16/42 devices. We have a separate networks for MR16, MR42s and MX devices. MX Devices are separated by location, but MRs are combined by model numbers. I am trying to understand, what are the benefits of having separate Wireless and MX networks? This was done before I joined this company, so I don't have the real answer. 

Soon, we are planning to add new Meraki switches, and logic tells me to add MSs to the exiting network with MX. Should I move MRs as well or keep them separate? 

For information: We are using the same SSIDs across all offices and we want to keep that the same way.


Thank you!

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I would suggest to add the MRs to the same network as the MX and MS. You can then use the template features to keep all the MRs (MX and MS as well) in sync as far as firmware and settings go. My guess as to why they had the MRs in a single network was because of shortcomings in the templates a few years ago, or just lack of understanding. I think having networks define the location is very helpful when troubleshooting issues or just viewing network statistics.


Here is a link to Meraki's template documentation, take a look and maybe test it out.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

A long time ago you had to have them seperated.  It was the only option.  Then combined networks came along and it was a thing of the past.

I'm guessing your network has been in a long time, and has simply never been combined.


This article discusses it, and down the bottom it tells you how to combine the networks.


Thank you all for your replies. 

One of the concerns I have about combined networks, is this note: " Note: Client tracking by IP is not supported in combined networks. " 
Right now, we are tracking clients by IP and I like the way the Dashboard is showing those clients. We are using Cisco Catalyst switches for inter-VLAN routing. How can I continue tracking by IP and have MX and MR on the same network? 


Thank you!



Kind of a big deal



I don't think you can do what you want. As you mentioned in the document, the track by IP is only doable by the MX, and at the same time cannot be done if using combined network (which I honestly was not aware of, so this is good to know).


Just tried it in my lab (MX/MS/MR) and got this.



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At my old job we had this same situation. We chose to leave all of our MS and MRs on the same network our HQ MX was in. This allowed us to see all the devices connected to all 24 of our sites at once. This was helpful at times as we didn't need to make many changes to the switches or APs but we missed out on a lot of the features listed above. It was cool to see our busier days where we would go from 700 devices to 3,000; a good way to know when meeting was going on which IT wasn't made aware of.  Could be useful in a full tunnel environment also.

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