MX Advanced Security vs MR Advance

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MX Advanced Security vs MR Advance

We are coming up for our licence renewal (< 10 employees) and we have various MX/Z appliance throughout Scotland for homeworking. We have the opportunity to upgrade our broadband to gigabit. 


The MX95 seems overboard for us to get full throughput with the Adv Sec licence. 80% plus of devices are wireless and I would say that 15% of wired are hubs such as hive/Philips Hue etc. In fact off the top of my head I can only think of 2 devices that are wired (but these could be moved to wireless).


If we were to move to the MR Advanced licence, is there a comparison with the MX Advanced licence so that I can see exactly what we would lose? I can't seem to find anything on the Cisco or Meraki sites (inc partner portal etc.)




Kind of a big deal

@AnythingHosted : Check this one


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Kind of a big deal

These two licenses have only the "Advanced" in common but are totally different:

  • MR Advanced needs "per device licensing" which can have some admin overhead.
  • MR Advanced typically only gives you an integrated and easy to used Cisco Umbrella for added security.
  • MX Advanced Security gives you IPS, Webfiltering and AMP

If you change to the MX Enterprise license you lose the MX security-features, but for baseline-security this can be compensated with Umbrella.

But you should calculate if you better buy a dedicated Umbrella-Subscription and integrate that with your network instead of using the Umbrella that is included in the MR Advanced license. 

Kind of a big deal

I'd tend to go with the MX67's/MX68's, and accept you'll only get 450Mb/s because of the price jump.

Kind of a big deal

Regarding the advice from @PhilipDAth: I have a couple of customers with a 1Gig link using a MX84. Even for large downloads there are no complains. First check if they really have hit the actual limit.

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