Has the hosted logs feature been released to the stable firmware channel?

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Has the hosted logs feature been released to the stable firmware channel?



This blog post was a while ago, and I had signed up for the beta, but the firmware broke our MX NATing to a static IP from our ISP.


Are idea when we will see this feature?

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@CHAadmin My understanding is that this feature is still in Beta. I've tried to get on the Beta trial too, however, I've been told it's a closed beta and they've reached the maximum number of users for the beta programme.


Looks like we will have to wait for it to become GA. 

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Correct URL Logging is still in Beta, I'm not positive if it's a closed Beta, but if you called Support and they confirmed that, then I suppose so.  It came out with MX 13.X firmware, however even if you moved off GA to the Stable Release Candidate 13.28, it would still require Support to enable the feature on the back-end.  The documentation (also perhaps not finalized yet) is here https://documentation.meraki.com/MX-Z/Monitoring_and_Reporting/URL_Logging


Maybe in the meantime if you have a syslog server you could just configure that under Network Wide > Configure > General and select URLs.  Not sure if that might help for now.  



i am running MX version 13.33 and no "cloud logs" for url logging

only available via Syslog ...

no idea if firewall and url logs will be proposed as a managed S3 bucket (like cisco umbrella does) ?

that would be great !





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