Exception for subnet using Cisco Umbrella as a DNS-resolver

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Exception for subnet using Cisco Umbrella as a DNS-resolver

Dear all,


I have a problem using Umbrella. I need an exception for one subnet using DNS security in Umbrella.

This subnet is VPN tunneled to the DHCP in DC which has the option for using internal proxy DNS resolution and not Umbrella like other subnets.

In Meraki Dashboard Security & SD-WAN -> Threat protection -> Umbrella protection I made an exclusion for the internal domain.

But the NSLOOKUP command from the local server to resolve the IP addresses and PC names doesn't work.

It works, if I delete the Meraki dashboard association to Umbrella (Network Wide -> General -> Cisco Umbrella account).

Is there another section, where I can make an exclusion for a specific subnet from Umbrella and use my local DNS resolver?



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Is the DC DHCP server giving out the domain and does it match the exclusion?


yes, DC DHCP server giving the domain and match with the exclusion

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