Client VPN on vMX100 in Azure DNS suffix and DG

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Client VPN on vMX100 in Azure DNS suffix and DG

I am trying to figure out how to offer DNS suffixes to clients when they connect to via client VPN to my vMX100 in Azure. I have the authentication working.


The problems are:

  1. Offering up a DNS suffix as clients attach. 
  2. Split tunnel configuration control

Any help will be appreciated.




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Kind of a big deal

You'll need to set the DNS suffix on the client side VPN config. The Meraki client VPN DHCP setup does not include the DNS suffix option. 


You'll also want to set up the split tunneling on the client side as well. Just include the routes available via the vMX as those which should be routed across the VPN tunnel on the clients. 

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