Changes to the "view all networks" maps

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Changes to the "view all networks" maps


Recently we have seen that the maps and icons shown when selecting : view all networks" have changed.

We use this screen as a monitoring screen and with the map selection there is not enough distinction between the color of the icons and the map background. Therefor we used the satellite view. The satellite view is now missing the country borders and main city names. 

Is there a way to get get the old maps back? 


One other thing we noticed, we have some MX64 which are using the 4G as a primary connection, where displays previous with a yellow icon. now they are displayed whit a red icon. 

We also noticed in one of our locations that a device was down, instead of a red icon is was a yellow icon. befor this latest change the site icon turned red when a device was down.


Can this be fixed or altered by myself?


Thijs van Yperen


Thijs van Yperen
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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@T-Infra4crates Are you able to take a screenshot so I can workout exactly where you are looking on your dashboard, I've checked my dashboard and I get a satelite view

Hi Blake,


Thanks for your reply, it is not the satellite view i am missing.

What i am missing are the county borders and main cities.

As we have over Europe a lot of locations and before the changes to the "View all networks" map view there was the borderlines and main cities.


As stated in my message, we use this as a monitoring system. It is displayed on a 4K screen where we see which location is okay and which has an issue.  With this new map view there is to little distinction between the background color and the icons. The satellite view gives beter visibility, but lacks now the borders and cities. See also the below screen shots, just a part of the screen as we have location over the whole of Europe.

Map view.PNG


Satellite view.PNG

Kind regards,


Thijs van Yperen 




Thijs van Yperen
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