A new beta cellularGateway firmware is now available on Thu, 02 May 2024

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A new beta cellularGateway firmware version is available. Firmware MG 3.201 was just released on 2024-05-02 and has been in this firmware category since 2024-05-02.
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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Cellular gateway firmware versions MG 3.201 changelog

Important notices

  • For MG51/51E, Applying this firmware will upgrade the firmware of the Modem. This upgrade begins automatically after the MG has finished upgrading to MG 3.201. This upgrade will require 250 MB of data and up to 20 minutes (depending on bandwidth) to complete if uninterrupted. Please contact Meraki Support if you have any additional questions or require assistance.

New feature highlights

  • MG51/51E Cellular Modem firmware upgrade (Verizon Band N77)
  • Display IPv6 info on LSP

Bug fixes

  • MG41 - Fixed issue that caused MG to report “SIM Not Inserted” while online via Cellular
  • MG21 - Fixed issue causing Modem reboots
  • No cellular connectivity after SIM1 Failover
  • Fixed issue that would cause frequent ‘boot_count” reboots
  • MG41 - Fixed issue that would prevent integrated modems from initializing after a reset
  • Enhanced support and error correction for Modem Upgrades
  • Radio Toggle button added to Local Status page
  • Shortened the Cellular uplink Connection Monitor success/retry times
  • MG41 - Fixed rebooting to resolve connectivity while Connection Monitoring is good

Known issues

  • MG21 Unable to set MTU
  • Periodic MG Reboot