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Android Kiosk Mode Orientation Glitch

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Android Kiosk Mode Orientation Glitch

Hello all, 


I have an upcoming project and need to place my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2s- Android 7.0 in kiosk mode (device owner mode). I enrolled one of my tablets with the payload Android Kiosk Mode that includes private app APK. After installation, I ensure the orientation is set on Portrait Mode. It works fine until I perform a reboot and notice when turning the tablet sideways the orientation is in the landscape view. However, upon checking the application's settings the orientation is still set to Portrait Mode. Has anyone had this problem? seems to me like there is a glitch here.


I need this application to be specifically set to Portrait Mode since this app was built to only view in portrait mode (client specific). Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Kind of a big deal

Re: Android Kiosk Mode Orientation Glitch

I don't think there is anything you'll be able to do about this on the Systems Manager side.


It is an issue related to the device and the app.

Here to help

Re: Android Kiosk Mode Orientation Glitch

Pretty much @PhilipDAth. I called Meraki support and they know this is expected behavior. The backend team is looking into implementing Support for landscape in future software releases but there is no ETA on when this will be done.

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