v3 scanning API bug

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v3 scanning API bug

HI there, think we have foung a bug with v3 scanning API, issue seems to be that the secret is sometimes sent as a blank string in the v3 scanning API, but it has definitely been configured on the dashboard. Please advise how to log and who to speak with to rectify.

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

You should raise this as a case with Meraki Support.   It would be a good idea to include the evidence you have, showing what you have described, when you raise the case.   (Help > Get help in the Dashboard)

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I haven't tried the V3 API for maybe 6 to 9 months.


When I last tried it, it didn't seem to return as many data points as V2.


Do you think the V3 API is returning all the data it should be?

Regarding the original issue, please open a case with Meraki support if you believe there is aberrant behavior.


Re: @PhilipDAth, with MAC randomization becoming the norm for major client vendors, there's a lot more "noise" these days that V2 does not account for. V3 is better equipped to make sense of the current landscape, and by design returns more useful data and less noise.

John, we seem to have lost 15 - 20% of clients.  Is it better to give us the raw data and let us filter the MAC randomisation.  A random MAC still means a customer. Appreciate for a random customer we cannot attach new or returning customer for non registered customers but still helps with customer counts. What have you found generally.

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