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merakiAuthUsers reports



We are working on a guest network creation in our organization, and one of the requirements is to generate reports of the current "Guest" users in the network, specifically not "authorized" users, so Im trying to use merakiAuthUsers to get this info and format it in to a sheet.


While I'm still trying to figure how I would format the data, and I seem to hit a snag on what data is returned, when I do basic template output from the docs, I don't see to be getting all the users back, I also would like to get only Guest users and the ones that are NOT authorized. 


import meraki 


dashboard = meraki.DashboardAPI(API_KEY)

network_id = 'XXXX'

response = dashboard.networks.getNetworkMerakiAuthUsers( network_id )




Question is why is not all users are showing up ?  Almost like its cut off ? 

Also what are recommendations to format this to XLS format or PDF so it will be presentable to third party. 


Finally there is no report for this is there in the dashboard ?

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