getOrganizationApplianceSecurityEvents lookback period

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getOrganizationApplianceSecurityEvents lookback period

I am using the "getOrganizationApplianceSecurityEvents" endpoint to gather security events. The documentation indicates that the default timespan is 31 days, but that I should be able to increase the 'timespan' parameter for up to 365 days of historical data.


Even when increasing the timespan value to 90 days or 365 days (in seconds) I am only getting around 31 days returned. If I decrease to 5 days, it works as expected and I only get 5 days.


Any idea if this is a documentation discrepancy, or should I be able to get 365 days of history?

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are you getting the data via the python library or are you doing it manually?

you are probably hitting the pagination system here. The python library would collect all pages automatically (if total_pages parameter is set to "all" ).

I'm using the python library, and it is gathering multiple pages during the requests.

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