from meraki import meraki

Getting noticed

from meraki import meraki



I installed python (and Pycharm) on 3 different devices but did managed to get meraki lib working.


I did:

  • python installation
  • pip installation
  • pip upgrade to 20.0.2
  • pip install meraki (and upgrade)
  • pip install meraki-sdk (and upgrade)


python <enter>

# from meraki import meraki

(see attachment)


I also checked the site-package folder and see both lib's available in folder


What is the magic?




Kind of a big deal

Hi Rob,


A couple of things:

Good luck!


Thanks for the quick reply, but...


when using import statement I get an error message:


ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'meraki'

C:\WINDOWS\system32>pip3 list
Package Version
--------------- ----------
CacheControl 0.12.6
certifi 2019.11.28
chardet 3.0.4
idna 2.9
jsonpickle 0.9.6
meraki 0.90.2
msgpack 1.0.0
pip 20.0.2
python-dateutil 2.8.1
requests 2.23.0
setuptools 41.2.0
six 1.14.0
urllib3 1.25.8

What's the output when you execute the following command in the python interactive prompt:




That's strange. It says it can't import a module named meraki, however if you ask it to list the modules it does have, it shows the module. Does not compute.


What does your windows PATH environment variable look like?

echo %PATH%



Here to help

do not need to import from, just

import meraki

If you want to use the "old code" (0.34 I believe), you can replace "from meraki import meraki" with "from meraki import legacy".  I ran into this issue before because I had a file name I was trying to use.  Since you are using it straight from Python itself, that's an odd error. 

Try running this under python3.x. 


Edit: Never mind, I see you are.

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