device already claimed error when claiming a device into an organization

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device already claimed error when claiming a device into an organization

With the following flow;


 1 - I have a device claimed into a network

 2 - I remove this device from the network  (!remove-network-devices)

 3 - I claim this device into another organization  (!claim-into-organization)

 4 - I claim this device into another network in this new organization  (!claim-network-devices)


Sometimes this flow works file with no problems, and sometimes I get "Device with serial '1111-1111-1111' is already claimed" error while doing step 3. For the cases I get this error, if I wait for around 10 minutes and try again from step 3, the flow succeeds.


So in some cases, the api falsely thinks the device is already claimed in a network. Any ideas why this could be happening?


What I suspect is, if the 2 organizations are on different shards, it takes some time for the data to be replicated between shards after step 2. Facts supporting this theory are,

 1 - operation succeeds after some time

 2 - this consistently happens for some organization pairs, and consistently not happens for some organization pairs.this be the cause?

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

same happens when claiming through dashboard. best to always wait a few minutes at least between unclaim and claiming a serial.

A model citizen

I've seen it take longer than 10 minutes. Best to give it 20min wait.

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