Vacation Project?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Vacation Project?

What is your vacation project?


I'm planning on extending my mqtt-alpr project to be able to use Amazon AWS Rekognition for determing characteristics about people that the cameras can see.

And then I'm going to fresh my offline backup and restore program.

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Kind of a big deal

I have a few To Do items to improve my Dashboard DB script that I would like to get done. And then maybe some work on the Flask based front end that I have a few tools built in. 


Non-Meraki related I have a stack of NES repros that I really should get finished for some people. I also have a couple Sega GameGears that need recapping, a Philips CDi power supply that needs recapping, and I'm sure a couple other retro console mods to get done that I'm not remembering right now. 

Sleep, nothing, The Witcher on Netflix, more sleep, more nothing. Star Wars probably twice. Sleep again.
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Kind of a big deal

It was going to be reading books on programming in Python but I was informed I’m not allowed to.


Instead, I will probably idly consider a script I am making to validate Catalyst switch configs. It’s quite odd to go from API-based work to netmiko and CiscoConfParse! Makes me appreciate Meraki’s standardization.

Head in the Cloud

I have recently been working on the Meraki API for Python. This will be a fun project to figure out and work on. I am also digging into AWS as well so It is going to be a lot of technical fun during vacation!

I am converting a Mercedes Sprinter van into a camper van so I will be busy playing with power tools. Apart from that BBQ and beers (Yes its summer here)

It’s kinda summery where I currently am... at least, it’s 21C/70F-ish during the day, and above freezing at night. Pretty gorgeous.


Makes it easier to not pine for Python when you can go outside during your hemisphere’s “winter”!

Getting noticed

Hi @PhilipDAth 


Not Meraki related at the moment, though in the next 2 weeks, I will be beginning the DevNet track on Meraki, and building a project from there.


For the next two weeks I have started a project to tie together 6 weeks of initial Ansible learnings into something that could be practical in a work place. I am going to be doing this project with Ansible, but this is the first step in my long term ambition to be proficient ultimately at network automation through Ansible & Python. I am starting with what is immediately easy and relevant to my current job as Ansible I can immediately start leveraging as it is used at my work for managing Linux hosts.


You can check out my project and follow my progress on my blog, also feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.


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