Usage Over Time Script

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Usage Over Time Script

Hi all, 


I'm trying to create a script to help automate the process of extracting data from the Summary Report and inserting it into a CSV file every month. Instead of having someone manually export excels from multiple networks we can have this script speed up that process.


I've been stuck trying to program the "Usage Over Time" category. I've tried using the Get Network Clients Bandwidth Usage History API to extract the data from the category, but the output is inaccurate even with the conversion of Mbps to b/s. I'm not sure if there's an API that I've missed or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 





Head in the Cloud

I use!get-network-clients to build monthly usage data.


The per-client rx/tx usage and other info are then crunched to give figures per-client, per-SSID/non-wireless and per-network across the organization.


Building a reputation

I use this API call to get usage for each AP<network ID>/wireless/dataRateHistory?deviceSerial=<AP Serial Number>?timespan=3600&resolution=3600


This give me results for the last 10 minutes


Once I collect the info, I parse it and write it to a back end database and use Power BI to display the results

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