Update RADIUS servers for ports in template config

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Update RADIUS servers for ports in template config

I have config templates with productType "appliance" that are applied to MX64s. The wired ports are configured for 802.1X and I need to change the RADIUS server settings. If I query getNetworkAppliancePorts, it just shows that the ports have accessPolicy "8021x-radius" but doesn't show the RADIUS server IPs. It seems like there is nowhere in the {networkId}/appliance branch where I can actually modify the RADIUS server settings. This contrasts with getNetworkApplianceSsids which does show the RADIUS server IP address. Anybody know how I can access and change the RADIUS server IPs for appliance wired ports?

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Meraki Employee

Hello @GiantsNerd !

I did some digging around myself to see if this was possible through a separate API call but it looks like as you pointed out we are currently unable to change RADIUS server IPs for appliance wired ports. The best suggestion I can make here is to login to your Dashboard account and make a feature request through the "Give your Feedback" button on the bottom-right hand side of any Dashboard page. From there, add your suggestion to allow the ability to change/add RADIUS server IPs via the updateNetworkAppliancePorts call and Submit it.

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