Unable to pull getNetworkApplianceTrafficShaping via API

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Unable to pull getNetworkApplianceTrafficShaping via API

Trying to pull the traffic shaping settings for appliances in our networks to sanity check broadband upload/download speeds to SD-WAN settings.   


Unfortunately  looks like the  getNetworkApplianceTrafficShaping API is not available for template bound networks?   Not sure why as its an local override at each network to match actual broadband capacity settings. 


getNetworkApplianceTrafficShaping - 400 Bad Request, {'errors': ['Unsupported for networks bound to a template']}


Anyone know of a method to pull the data from the dashboard from  Security & SD-WAN --> SD-WAN & traffic shaping




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Looks like a missing/broken feature to me. Most endpoints are unavailable for bound networks and I guess this got swept under that category too. 


What do you guys think? @John-K @DexterLaBora 

Yea,  Really don't understand why reading values from a network would matter if its tied to a bound network or not.  I could see making changes, but reading values, especially ones that can be overridden,  should be an extra reason to have an API audit point.

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