[UPDATE] Webhook Payload Templates names are going org-wide! See how this may impact you.

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[UPDATE] Webhook Payload Templates names are going org-wide! See how this may impact you.

The new Webhook payload template system has enabled low-code integrations by routing Meraki alerts to 3rd party services.


A common ask has been to support deploying these templates across the organization, as well as supporting organization based alerts, like those generated by Meraki Insight.


We are not quite there yet.. but we are working on it!


Before we can do this, we need to adjust a few things to support org-wide webhook templates. 


1) Webhook Payload Templates must have unique names across the entire organization

2) In the coming days, existing payload templates will be renamed to enforce uniqueness.


What will the new names look like?


If you have an organization with multiple networks, who each have a custom payload template with the same name,

they will each be updated by appending the network ID (i.e. N_0000000 or L_000000) to the end of their name. 


Example Scenario

Organization: Ikarem


- Name: HQ

- ID:       L_11111111


- Name: Branch 1

- ID:       L_22222222



Template Name -- Before


"Webex IT Room


Template Name -- After


"Webex IT Room_L_11111111",

"Webex IT Room_L_22222222"





These changes will preserve all existing configurations and should have no impact on existing implementation. 
If you have scripts that specifically referenced the payloadTemplateName, such as with the /webhooks/test endpoint, then you should double check your code to ensure compatibility.  



Support for organization webhook payload templates is available now for our Early Access users.






Kind of a big deal

@DexterLaBora : Thanks for the share !

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