Traffic Analysis api

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Traffic Analysis api

Hi All, 


  Trying to get MX traffic analysis history. so I need to get things like the total of MS teams usage for a month, using the below API? 




I'm getting error  timespan is too large if I don't send time spam and send t0 only. I need the traffic for a month, so if I set t0 for today do I need to pass another parameter t1 for the range of a month ? 





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Hi ,


Please refer to the documentation :!get-network-traffic


The timespan for which the information will be fetched. If specifying timespan, do not specify parameter t0. The value must be in seconds and be less than or equal to 30 days.

Thank you for the reply,

so if I need to get 30 days report I will need to change 30 days to seconds and then add that ad a timespan parameter? 


Also, I'm getting a reply like below, I see send and receive only but not the usage. is there any API that can retrieve the usage? 



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