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Tools for Live GUIs with API



I was reading this article:


And noticed that end they mentioned live monitoring and show a graph. I wanted to do something similar where I can  display graphs, tables, other data on some sort of GUI interface, applying my own algorithms to sort through the data. What kind of tools can I use to generate my own graphs and tables?

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Kind of a big deal

You won't be able to recreate all of the graphs Meraki has in their own dashboard. Not everything is available through the API.


What is available can be checked here:


In this case the graph shown is likely based on this endpoint:


The blog post also talks about the Webhooks API. The idea of Webhooks is that Meraki informs your systems instead of your system polling them. Information for that can be found here:!introduction/overview


I hope that helps.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Have you checked out the app store maybe that might provide some ideas for some starting points?  Perhaps that in addition to the ecosystem exchange and the site in general on Cisco DevNet?  You might find some interesting stuff in the Explore section here 

This screams Node-Red to me.  Google "Node-Red Meraki".  There are several pre-made dashboards available.  You could start with one of those and modify it.


Meraki's Cory Guynn has also done a training video on it if you like what you see. 


You can also check out Meraki's blog on it. 


It is also on the developer web site. 

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