Timespan portion of Network client APIs seems to be off


Timespan portion of Network client APIs seems to be off

I am trying to get a days worth of network history for each client. The Meraki API v1 documentation says that the timespan should be in seconds. However, if I set the timespan for 86400 seconds, I only get 8 hours worth of usage history. I tried tripling that number, but that gave me way more than a day's worth of history.


Am I using the timespan portion of this function correctly? What number should I be using to get a day's worth of content? The code I used to get the usage history is below.


client_usage[client_id] = dashboard.networks.getNetworkClientsUsageHistories(nwID, client_id, timespan='86400')



Mac OS 11.2.2

VS Code

Python 3.8.2

Meraki SDK 1.7.1

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by default you are only getting one page as the result set.


You can try to download all pages in the timespan

client_usage[client_id] = dashboard.networks.getNetworkClientsUsageHistories(nwID, client_id, timespan='86400', total_pages='all')



Thanks for the reply. Given the output I got when I tried different timespans, I had a feeling this was not the case.


After trying your suggestion, I can tell you that the results are either,

1. The same (when I tried ts='86400')


2. Only slightly different (a difference of one 20 minute time interval when I tried a different ts)


I'm not sure what has changed, but when I previously ran the function at ts='86400' I received 8 hours of data, but when I tried this time I only received 2 hours and 20 minutes of non-continuous data over a period of a day. This is unrelated from your suggestion as I get the same data with or without total_pages.


Does anyone also know why I would suddenly get less and non-continuous data for the same client ID and same ts?



I have the same doubt you described in your post.


I am struggling to understand how to combine the "timespan" parameter with a "polling frequency".

I am collecting the number of clients associated per Meraki Access Point or Network using the following URL:



In order to avoid the API Rate Limit I am collecting the result every hour using PRTG.

The timespan used inside the URL is also 3600 seconds (1 hour).

The problem is that the data is coming in a very inconsistent way. 





Please, could you help me to understand how can I use the Meraki API timespan correctly ?

What is the recommended time interval to collect the connected clients ?

When I am using MERAKI APIs that do not have the "timespan" feature I can collect reliable data.

If I have to use the timespan in other APIs the data never comes like it is in reality.



Did you ever find an answer to this question? I'm looking to pull signal quality and channel utilization data and running into the same question, how do I use timespan correctly?

Here to help

... and I just figured out my issue. I wasn't specifying the resolution to give me the granularity I wanted. The default resolution is 86400 seconds. I needed to reduce it to 300. 

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