Timeout for one network but not the other

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Timeout for one network but not the other



I've started learning the Meraki Python API and been going through the following example from the library:




I've changed to base_url to https://api.meraki.com/api/v1


I have two networks in use. For the first network I get a Timeout error, but not for the second network. I've tried increasing the single_request_timeout parameter to various value from 90 up to 300 seconds.


I've also reduced the perPage parameter of the getNetworkClients call down to 100 from 1000.


Even with perPage as 100, I successfully get the first page shown by:

2021-05-08 07:54:05 meraki: INFO > networks, getNetworkClients; page 1 - 200 OK


But each subsequent call produces the following:

2021-05-08 07:55:05 meraki: WARNING > networks, getNetworkClients - HTTPSConnectionPool(host='n121.meraki.com', port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=60), retrying in 1 second


However, once it moves onto the 2nd network, regardless of what single_request_timeout or perPage parameters I use, every page is successfully retrieved.


Does anyone have any insight why the 1st network fails but the 2nd one is succeeding?

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