Snapshot API URL not working


Snapshot API URL not working

I'm currently testing the snapshot API for a integration project. When I post to the API, I am getting a URL but the URL is not working. I am receiving an error 502. I can't quite figure out the issue here -- is it an issue on my end or is there something going on with the API?


For reference I am using an MV12N. I know there is normally a 5second delay but after waiting I am still receiving an error 502.

Kind of a big deal

Do you always get that error, or does it sometimes work?


If you are willing to share your code I can give it a try on our cameras to see if I have the same issue.

Hi -- thank you for offering to help. 


I actually realized it was a network issue, though I am not sure what exactly is being blocked as I don't have administrative rights over this network. To give a bit of background, the camera was connected to an internal lab network at my work. While on my corporate network direct streaming was working, but when I returned home and tried to access the camera feed via dashboard, I got a cloud streaming error. Once I moved the camera to a different network and re-tried the code, and the returned URL worked. 

Ah I see, that explains things :). Good that it's solved.

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