Simple IT Spark Bot + Meraki

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Simple IT Spark Bot + Meraki

Hello everyone. I just came across a Meraki documentation. Right in the middle of the article it mentioning something about " Simple IT bot" which i think its a preety cool idea that would help our busy help desk.. My question is where can i find this bot ( not on depot  dot ciscospark dot com )  and how do i intergrate them on my Meraki + Spark enviroment.  P.S. I did call Meraki support and they are looking into it for me too right now.. 


On meraki documantation search for  --> Simple IT - Digital Reference Architecture



Troubleshooting VUD

The Simple IT solution provides easy and straightforward troubleshooting tools to access your end users network challenges and quickly resolve them.  With Spark Bot integration you move from troubleshooting to resolution with a few questions and a few clicks. This results in optimizing your IT resources and getting all your employees back to work faster.


Technologies Leveraged

Spark application, Simple IT Spark bots, Spark APIs and Meraki dashboard


Simple IT Bot Introduction

The Spark bot is a key component of Simple IT. By leveraging APIs from Spark and Meraki Dashboard the bot delivers readable information with actionable links. It correlates information in a consumable format, drastically reducing the time to resolution for the most common IT troubleshooting use cases. The Simple IT bot utilizes easy registration and clear delivery of relevant IT information.  

End-user troubleshooting Flow Diagram

End-user troubleshooting is a day-to-day challenge that affects all IT administrators. Finding the right network problem or eliminating the network as a source takes a significant amount of time to hunt down. Among having multiple interfaces, debug commands, end users and device information, taking the first step is often the hardest part.  With the Simple IT bot, you can get the relevant information for your end users with just their username. See below for details on how the Simple IT bot can drastically reduce troubleshooting.  




End-User Troubleshooting Step Details 

  1. End-user contacts IT admin

  2. IT admin asks end-user for their AD name
  3. IT admin enters username into Simple IT bot
  4. Simple IT bot makes API calls to Meraki and Spark
  5. Simple IT bot returns relevant Information to IT admin in Spark Room
  6. IT admin troubleshoots problem based on Simple IT bot feedback
  7. End-user's issues are resolved
Network Health Check Flow Diagram

Verifying your system health is an essential process for an IT administrator.  Being able to quickly check the health of multiple technologies from one source allows you to quickly determine if your network is stable or if you need to take a troubleshooting step at a particular site or with a particular technology.  The Simple IT bot allows you to use Spark to quickly check the health of your Simple IT Solution.




Network Health Check Flow Diagram Step Details

  1. IT Admin requests health of network
  2. Simple IT bot calls technologies through API
  3. Simple IT bot returns relevant data on the overall health of the network
  4. IT admin takes proper next steps based on IT bot information
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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't know the answer, but the main Meraki Developer site is:


I would have a look there.

Thanks for the link !! I never knew Meraki has such site ... Thanks again !!
Here to help



I'm not sure exactly which bot the documentation was referring to but have you checked Meraki's GitHub? I found a couple there that might be of interest to you:


spark-operations-bot and spark-bot


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