Service Graph Connector For Meraki

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Service Graph Connector For Meraki


I am using the Service Graph Connector For Meraki

have noticed that the Meraki devices with same name in different Meraki Networks are properly retrieved in ServiceNow staging table [x_caci_sg_meraki_merakidevices] however later on the Robust Transformer is not able to recognize those as separate devices and is updating one device in ServiceNow CMDB several times changing it config... 



did anyone had the issue and can advice how to resolve it? 

Kind of a big deal

I don't know the answer.


But it seems pretty simple to change the device names to make them unique - such as by adding a site code ...

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I'd open a case with ServiceNow, seems a clear bug if it can't handle the same name being used for two different devices in two different contexts.


But doing as @PhilipDAth says will be a faster fix.


We have a discussion on naming conventions with every customer, some already have one, some have nothing at all, but if we're going to be creating/managing it, we insist on a good structure.


Typically we suggest a hierarchical scheme for network names, varies with customer but one way is ...


[business unit ID_]ISO two-letter country code_[city_]site ID


...where site ID is a globally unique identifier, typically a number zero padded for constant width, best to avoid spaces for portability to other systems.


The things in [] are optional.


The details added to the site ID are to make it easier for people to communicate/understand than a simple site ID, especially when there are hundreds of sites in dozens of countries.


The site ID (or other globally unique thing relating to the network name) is added to all device names on that network, giving unique device names within the organization.


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