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Sample Data

New here

Sample Data

We need to quickly understand which data can be accessed from the Meraki platform.

We would like to understand which is the most detailed dataset you can get from the API and possibly a small sample to better understand Meraki potential and how we can integrate/enrich these info with other datasets we have from different sources

We had a look at the community threads and we had a quick overview of the documentation. We found out the following links which are very close to what we need:

  *    Export AP Locations:
  *    Scanning API Docs:

  *    Location Analytics:

We still miss sample data so we'd like to ask:
1. does anyone know if the previous link are the deepest detail about user mobility which can be extracted from Meraki APIs

2. can anyone share some anonymized data, possibly in csv format but still with lat/lon info and the ability to follow a particular user (i.e. MAC address) along different timestamps?


We also tried the online free sandbox but it seems "an empty container": is there any tool like that sandbox which can be used to actually test the APIs and get some sample data?
My feeling is the only way to achieve such result we should ask for the free kit, install it, use it over some days and only then we would be able to query it...

Thanks in advance,

Kind of a big deal

Re: Sample Data

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