Retrieve Device Uplink Status [SOLVED]


Retrieve Device Uplink Status [SOLVED]

Hi all,


I'm trying to retrieve the uplink status from the WANs on our MX67 devices. All of them have 2 WANs active.


I'm using Node Red, with the Meraki Dashboard api module.


The API "Get Network Device Uplink" (!get-network-device-uplink) requires 2 parameters, networkId and serial number.


First, I'm extracting those parameters using other API called "Get Organization Devices" (!get-organization-devices). After extracting the information for all the devices I want to pass it to Meraki api module using the mentioned "Get Network Device Uplink" API. 


I'm having problems passing the required parameters into the module:


Annotation 2020-06-29 124603.png

apparently the module is not parsing the payload and just using the the text as a string. The following has been extracted from the request:



Thanks so much in advance for your help.












Solved using a function module:
var serial = msg.payload.serial;
var netID = msg.payload.networkId;
msg.networkId = netID;
msg.serial = serial;
return msg;
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