Python getNetworkApplianceUplinksUsageHistory


Python getNetworkApplianceUplinksUsageHistory

Hi guys,

I`m developing a simple PowerBI to show the traffic history,  but i`m facing a divergency between the Meraki sumary report data and the data that comes through python library

The python library is always showing more traffic than the dashboard

this is my simple method to return the bytes and convert to GB

jupyter meraki.png

It`s display a 52GB of usage.

And this is the same in the dashboard, which display a 40GB

Meraki dashboard.png

I trying to figure it out but no success so far.

I'm using a 30 days timespan




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Head in the Cloud

I'm also seeing a massive discrepancy between the data from this API call and what Dashboard shows.


For a network that contains only an MX84 HA pair, with dual WAN links:


For 20th June (from 000000 to 23599 UTC), with 600 second sample period, API data says...

Total Tx bytes  1,484,364,604

Tota Rx bytes     982,713,386


Changing to a 3600 seconds sample period gives only slightly different values 1,453,143,728 and  953,523,815 so it isn't especially sensitive to sample period.


Also, looking at the numbers returned, the reported bytes transferred (both tx and rx)  in the 600 seconds often far exceeds the capacity of the WAN link.


Dashboard summary report for that network on the same day...

Total data uploaded       490.7 MB

Total data downloaded  404.3 MB


I also checked on an MX65W, the API reports c. 150MB for both send and received, the Dashboard summary reports 0 kilobytes for both, again a big discrepancy.


The API call is reporting more than twice the Dashboard figure, and also impossibly high transfer rates for the sample time period.


Seems clear the API call is returning bad data.



Hello, Sungod

I was about to contact the Cisco support and they show me a different documentation!get-network-traffic


it's V0 docs, but the Python methods still work


I tried in a few networks and the diff between data is really low.

I hope it helps



Head in the Cloud

That looks like it'd be ok for aggregate, but I'm really after the physical link details as a time series.


I'll open a support case when I get some time.



If you get someexplanation, please reply here.


Have a nice week

Head in the Cloud

Fyi I opened a case on this and they confirmed it's an issue being worked on.




Getting noticed

Did you get an idea from them when it might be fixed?


Head in the Cloud

No, I'm assuming it's going to be weeks/months, but that's just my guess.


Fwiw a non-Cisco SDWAN vendor had a similar issue with their API, took over a year and several attempts for them to fix it.


I've learned patience 😃

Here to help

Did you manage to get a response from them as to when you think this issue will be resolved ?



Head in the Cloud

The last test I ran still showed a few crazy readings on the 6th, ok since then.


I'd guess they are near resolution, but still need to wait for formal confirmation.


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