Pulling port PoE consumption at different intervals

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Pulling port PoE consumption at different intervals

I have a network with a large number of PoE devices, and I am wanting to gather data to see how much power the AP's / phones are using.


Im looking for a way to grab the current poe power usage at a given time and log them. This way I can find the average usage per device.


Does such a thing exist already? can a script be created to do this?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@N1234 : I dont think we have any API call or script on that. 

Rest you can check the below link and see LLDP packet captures in example 



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Switch port PoE use is one of the things we report for our customers.


Use this call  https://developer.cisco.com/meraki/api-v1/#!get-device-switch-ports-statuses


Port PoE usage is reported as Watt-hours consumed over the timespan specified when making the call.


So if you want average power usage over period T, set the timespan to T and normalise to Watts by Wh/T (with T in hours).


Note that this call doesn't use a t1 parameter, so whether you use t0 or timespan it will always return data looking back from the time of the call. I just run it daily at the same time to build up long term stats.


Afaik switch PoE budgets still aren't visible, but it's simple enough to use a look-up table, just need to remember to add new switches to the table when they are released.


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