Port management privileges api endpoint ? (api v1)

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Port management privileges api endpoint ? (api v1)

Howdy folks,


I am looking in ways to configure the port management privileges from the api, but I can't find it.

I feel like I am missing a bit here and that there might be another way to do this that I don't get.


What am I missing ?




Kind of a big deal

I believe both v0 and v1 only allow us to modify organization-level administers, from a straight API point of view.


If SAML SSO is an option for you, you can create/read/update/delete SAML roles via API once you have it setup. 

Comes here often

I believe my question is a level below.


Network admin or org admin don't really matter, it is the same org/admin api call. If you give a network full access to a user from the org/admin api call, you will see that user as a network admin in the network/admin gui.


The component that allows to give port privileges policy based on tag to a user is what I am looking for here.

( this : https://www.dropbox.com/s/eeayhednpcemfuj/Screenshot%202020-07-21%2009.15.49.png?dl=0 )


Same issue with the saml Roles, it needs the port management privileges bit.

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