Paid API research opportunity with Cisco Meraki ($100)

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Paid API research opportunity with Cisco Meraki ($100)

Do you use Meraki APIs? If yes, the Meraki Research team would love to speak with you about the Meraki API developer experience.

At Meraki, we feel that it’s critical to learn from key customers and partners like you as we plan the future of our company and our products.

If you are interested in a paid research session, please fill out this form:


Study details:

  • 1-hour individual web-conferencing session in November
  • We'll chat about how you use Meraki APIs, what areas are best supporting you in your use, and what areas are not
  • Your feedback will directly affect the next phase of development of the Meraki developer experience
  • Thank you reward: US$100 or local equivalent
  • If you’re unable to accept rewards, you can still participate as we value your expertise


We look forward to hearing from you!


The Meraki Research Team

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi @karamckenna  is this still open? I could invite our Meraki Masters who would be interested in this!

Hi @weluchen thank you for asking! This project is wrapping up, but if the Meraki Masters want to participate in future research like this, we encourage them to sign up for our research panel:


Feel free to reach out via email or Webex if you or the team have questions 🙂

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