Organization is API Enabled but no Info Available when using [getOrganization] endpoint

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Organization is API Enabled but no Info Available when using [getOrganization] endpoint



Currently I'm using an ansible playbook (paired with the cisco.meraki collection) to disable a setting in a network. When I try to do it with a certain network however, I get the following error:


{"changed": false, "msg": 404, "response": "OK (unknown bytes)", "status": 404, "url": ""}


The module that I'm using is "cisco.meraki.meraki_network", so I never explicitly called the "configTemplates" endpoint, but I kept digging. I manually retrieved the info for the network that I want to configure and I noticed that the ID for its container organization is indeed "7087539913...". When I tried retrieving the info for the "7087539913..." organization however, I got a 404 response. Maybe the organization was not API enabled? Checked using the "getOrganizations" endpoint and it is API enabled.


What could be happenning here? The organization that I want to retrieve info from is API enabled, but when I tried to use the "getOrganization" endpoint, I get a 404 response back. I'm certain that my API key should be able to retrieve all info from the Meraki API as well. Does anybody know what could be going wrong?


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Meraki Employee

@Eddysanoli  Did you intentionally hide the last digits of the organization ID for privacy? Or it's was done by the ansible-playbook? I just want to clarify that  "7087539913..." with those dots in the string is not a valid organization ID.

As you can retrieve 'getOrganizations', you can find the full organization ID for your target organization.  You can find an example output here.!get-organizations

Hey! Thank you. Yeah. I didnt want to write the entire ID, but I actually tested the "getOrganization" endpoint with the entire ID and it fails.

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You might have IP restrictions enabled on who can use the API with this organization. Do check out that configuration in the Organization settings on dashboard.

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