Orchestration of Meraki network automation

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Orchestration of Meraki network automation

I am working on a basic design approach to achieve network automation. Basically we have use-cases to push configurations to various remote network devices, what will be the approach to devise these automatons.


The high-level requirement is to capture the network config, target network devices in JSON, and then run a script to update.


My thought is to use a Continous Integration tool to kick off the automation which in turn spins a python docker container, pull git repo with the config, execute a python script to parse JSON, and invoke Meraki Dashboard APIs.


Please shed light here with comments and suggestions, would be great if you can mention the tools you are using as well.


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Remember that Meraki devices don't have "config" files like many CLI like devices.  You can use config files (probably some kind of json definition), but you'll have to write your own language to define it in this way.


Check out the Python getting started guide.



You can read about the V1 API here:


Getting noticed



we have built our own template system to push configuration changes on existing networks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-PKVBOBEog&t=1s


Would that be useful to your need?




Noel-Edouard Chenu
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