📢 On-Demand: Cisco Live US - Meraki DevNet Zone Interviews 📢

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

📢 On-Demand: Cisco Live US - Meraki DevNet Zone Interviews 📢

Join Cisco DevRel's Jeff Bull as he discusses automation, Meraki Ecosystem partnerships, and more with three new on-demand videos from the Cisco Live 2023: Meraki DevNet Zone takeover!


Automation is not about becoming a Programmer.jpgAutomation is not about becoming a Programmer - Jeff Bull speaks with Dexter Park, Starbucks Lead Application Developer, about how his automation journey began with implementing automation on the Cisco Meraki Platform. 




Why are Partnerships so important.jpgWhy are Partnerships so important? - Jeff Bull speaks with Alicia Lorenzetti, Cisco Meraki's Global Ecosystem and Marketplace Leader, about Cisco Meraki Ecosystem partnerships and why these relationships are so important, building on top of the Meraki platform.



APIs DO make your Network Simple.jpgAPIs "DO" make your Network Simple! - Join Jeff Bull as he speaks with John Kuchta, Product Architect for Cloud & API, to discuss Cisco Meraki APIs and various use cases that can utilize APIs to automate things or simply make life easier for network engineers to analyze large amounts of data!

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I've been playing with Google's Bard recently (bard.google.com).  It is *really* good at writing Meraki automation scripts using the Python SDK.


For example, try asking this question:
write a script to get a list of all clients from Meraki organisation


And get ready to be amazed at how comprehensive the answer is.

Building a reputation

Thanks. I'll give that a shot as well.

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