Network Objects/Groups

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Network Objects/Groups

Is there anything in the works to get an API for either of these options?


I know this feature is still BETA, but I want to be able to update this through either an API or through a csv. Anyone have anything cool to make this easy.

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

It's already available, via API - check out this section of the documentation:


@GreenMan  Thank you!

I see it now through the meraki dashboard documentation.


I do not see it in the developers v1.2 documentation:

I see it referenced in paths but the link provided is blank:!get-organization-network-object-groups


Additionally, I do not see it in the python library:


How quickly is this library brought up to speed with all the APIs in the Meraki Dashboard documentation?

All this is likely the case because Network Objects is in Beta.   As and when that's no longer the case, the relevant documentation and tools get promptly updated, in my experience.


@Kiran_Oddiraju   the documentation I linked in my initial reply makes it clear that both FQDN and Wildcard FQDN are supported.   For use within the API substitute "type":"fqdn"   within the cURL example provided

Are wildcard FQDN objects supported? For example * or *

Here to help

I've got a lot of questions, too. I see an example of how to add (POST) a network object. Would be nice to have some examples of how to query and delete test objects, too. I'm using cURL on Windows and Linux.

New here

There is python code I found here-->

He wrote a routine that will allow you to pull network objects and groups from the portal into a JSON formatted file.  I had to modify the code some to work in our environment, but it worked great.

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