Needed info on Get Organization Appliance Vpn Statuses API

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Needed info on Get Organization Appliance Vpn Statuses API

Hi @All 

I have been trying to fetch data from meraki dashboard using API and i want the proper schema definition for the the below mentioned API for my better understanding,

GET  /organizations/{organizationId}/appliance/vpn/statuses

Currently in Meraki developer hub, under schema definition there is no data. 

screenshot attached for the same below,


Needed Assistance...

Thanks in advance.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Is auto VPN enabled?

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Quite a few endpoints have no schema definition, perhaps as in some cases it would vary depending on the response data/device config.


If you look at the 'Example Body' tab, what you see is effectively the definition, you need to work from that.


Code defensively...


Interpret any element that is an array as potentially containing 0 or more elements .


Do this even if you believe it must have at least 1, like the uplinks array for instance, but watch out! If the device was added to a network, but has not connected so far, I'd suspect that uplinks may have 0 elements.


Assume that any element that is an empty array may or may not be included in the response, code to handle both possibilities.


Kind of a big deal

Might want to check out the endpoint specification in the API Index. The endpoint returns an array with an entry for each network, unless specific network IDs are given in the query params.



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Here to help

Thanks for all the response, The schema definition was updated by cisco itself i think.

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